Thursday, November 17, 2011

When is it okay to let the man be the HBIC?

My friend Melissa and I were talking last night about our current relationships and she said something that really made me think. She was talking about how this is the first person she has "baby talked" to and asked if I did the same. I thought about it for a second and realized that this is the first person I do that with as well. As we were talking I realized why that is; for the first time ever I am allowing my man to be the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) to speak.

When you are used to being the boss in every aspect of your life, (i.e. work (the boss), family (oldest child), friends (the go-to person), relationships (being with incompetent, dependent douches)), it is very hard to just let go and trust the man in your life to get things done. For the first time ever I have someone who I trust to not only get things done, but to get them done right and therefore I let him be the man...what a friggin concept...a man who is the man. That is why I am able to let go and be the girl (annoying baby talk and

What is your opinion; when is it okay to let the man be the HBIC?

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